A Drunken Sailor Crashes 7,000-Ton Cargo Ship at Full Speed into Coast: Investigation

A drunken Russian sailor plowed his 7,000-ton cargo ship into the coast of Scotland at full speed, an investigation has found.

What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

In the case of shipping company Lysblink Seaways, which authorities say lost an entire cargo ship to an inebriated employee, the first thing to do was to fire him.

The unnamed officer allegedly drank more than half a liter of run, then plowed his 423-foot, 7,000-ton tanker straight into the coast of Scotland at full speed, according to an investigation of the February crash.

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Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch determined the sailor had consumed more than eight times the legal limit before taking over as the ship’s lone watch commander.

The 36-year-old officer was “inattentive … due to the effects of alcohol consumption,” the investigation report said, according to The Moscow Times.

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On the bridge, the sailor was able to silence an alarm that rang every six minutes and to turn off another alarm that would have alerted the crew that he was incapacitated, the report said.

The employee was fired immediately. The ship, which had a hole punched in its hold and lost 25 tons of fuel, was scrapped by its owners.

The vessel had been sailing from Ireland to Norway, carrying a load of waste paper.

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