More From Connecticut Murder Suspect's Ex-Girlfriend

INSIDE EDITION has more of our interview with the ex-girlfriend of the second suspect in the Connecticut family murders.

Did a Youtube video trigger the horrific home invasion in which a doctor's family was wiped out?

She was the girlfriend of accused killer Josh Komisarjevsky. In the video, she sings, "Baby missing you has me so blue. I'm lost without you! I love you."

Caroline Mesel wrote the song for him and posted the video on Youtube just hours before the murders.

The lovers were seperated because her family moved from Connecticut to Arkansas, but they tried to keep their relationship alive via Youtube. Now she fears her love song may have made Komisarjevsky determined to raise money to start a new life together.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd said, "He did this for you!"

"Yeah," replied Mesel.

Boyd said, "That's what it looks like."

Mesel replied, "And I wish it didn't look like that."

They met when Komisarjevsky was living in a halfway house. He was coming to the end of a four-year prison term for burglary

"He was in jail, so I knew he was a bad boy," said Mesel.

But she believed she could reform him.

Boyd asked, "Did you love him?"

"Yes, I did. I did love him," said Mesel.

"You dated a monster," said Boyd.

"It scares me, because any minute, he could have flipped on me," said Mesel.

The night of the murders, his mother told her he had left the house dressed in black, which he wore on other burglaries.

"I had a bad gut feeling that something wasn't right. I tried and tried and tried and couldn't get a hold of him," said Mesel.

After he and alleged accomplice Steven Hayes were arrested for the slaughter of Dr. William Petit's wife and two daughters, Caroline Mesel says she destroyed every memento of their time together.

Hayes was convicted last week, and she believes there should be only one punishment for the monster she once loved, saying, "He deserves the death penalty for what he did."