Oksana Talks about Mel and the Infamous Tapes

Oksana Grigorieva tells her side of the story to People magazine saying she wants the world to know the real Mel Gibson. INSIDE EDITION has the details.  

Oksana Grigorieva spoke out in the new issue of People magazine, and there is a behind the scenes video that captures her photo shoot and interview.

"He kept screaming, like a crazy man," says Grigorieva.

For the first time, Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend describes his explosive temper.

Grigorieva continued, "Have you heard the tapes, have you listened to them? What he says, is that not violence? It's an emotional rape."

The video interview with People magazine shows the 40-year-old singer playing the piano in a lacy slip at the California home—owned by Mel—where she lives with their 11-month-old daughter, Lucia. Grigorieva says this is where she often felt the wrath of Gibson's temper.

"He was shaking, his fists were clenching, he was breathing like an animal, and he was marching around," recounted Grigorieva.

She also denies leaking the tapes of Gibson losing it that shocked the world, saying, "I've never leaked those tapes. I've never given them to media, and I've never sold them to anyone."

But she stands by her decision to come forward now with her story.

"He almost killed me and Lucia! I'd like for people to know the real Mel Gibson. Even though he's rich and famous, but, he's a bully," said Grigorieva.