Sex Offender Wearing GPS Tracker Breaks Into Neighbor's Home to Steal $500 in Coins: Cops

Police say Redford Mounce of Homosassa, Florida stole a coin jar from his girlfriend's neighbor and was then seen cashing it in at a Wal-Mart coin machine.

A registered sex offender in Florida was arrested this week after police say he broke into his girlfriend's neighbor's home, stole $500 in change and then cashed it at a nearby Walmart coin machine...all while wearing a GPS tracking device.

Like a bizarre game of Pac-Man, police say they used Redford Mounce's GPS coordinates to track a path he cut from his Homosassa home to Walmart and then to his girlfriend's home near the Walmart via a trail adjacent to the store.

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According to a probable cause affidavit, Mounce then walked through the front gate of his girlfriend's neighbor's home and took a jar of coins, which police were told was worth $500, from the front porch.

Then it was right back to the Walmart, police say the GPS data indicate, where store surveillance footage allegedly shows the 36-year-old walking directly to the Coin Star change redemption machine.

After watching the Walmart footage and reviewing the GPS data, officers with the Citrus County Sheriff's Department arrested Mounce on Monday for the incident that allegedly took place Nov. 13.

The sheriff's department also issued a warning to other prospective traceable coin thieves in a Facebook post:

"Don't be this guy: Redford Mounce, 36, of Homosassa, decided it would be OK to burglarize someone's residence by taking $500 in change when they weren't home.

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 "Aside from the fact that stealing is wrong, Redford made another critical error. He was wearing a GPS monitoring device because he is already on probation for another crime."

Mounce was arrested on suspicion of burglary. His bond has since been set at $10,000. It was unclear by Wednesday if he'd yet entered a plea and no attorney was listed in online records.

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