Turkey Seeks Refuge Inside a Church Days Before Thanksgiving

A turkey showed up to a church looking for sanctuary just days before Thanksgiving.

A Florida turkey was found on the doorstep of an Orlando church looking to enter days before Thanksgiving.

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The bird was found pacing outside St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. The parish posted the news on Facebook and where they said it was trying to get into their sanctuary and followed it with #AllAreWelcome.

The church’s executive director of marketing and connect ministries, Dawn Fleming, told The Orlando Sentinel that it wasn’t aggressive and “it was like he really wanted to get in.”

The fowl amused the staff so much that they live streamed his incident on Periscope.

Since the event happened so close to the holiday, some speculated that the bird was looking for forgiveness and a pardon to not be eaten.

Rev. Jennifer Stiles Williams, lead pastor at St. Luke’s, wrote on Facebook: “There's Turkey seeking Sanctuary at our Sanctuary... He's looking for a pardon ...not from the President ...but from God....”
She also added: “"Pardon for sin and PIECE that endureth...." hee hee. Only at St. Luke's - a safe place for everyone!!”

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According to reports, after the staff could not find an animal rescue organization to take the bird, it went on its way – hopefully not to someone’s dining table.

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