Widow Returns to Lake Where Mexican Pirates Shot Husband

The woman who says her husband was shot while jet-skiing on the Texas-Mexico border stands by her story as she pays her final respects. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Her face is a mask of grief. The widow who says pirates shot her husband to death returns to the lake where it all happened.

"This was just our way of saying goodbye as a family," said Tiffany Hartley.

Tiffany and her family carried a wreath of yellow roses. Yellow was her husband David's favorite color, and the flowers were a tribute to him.

A helicopter circled overhead, and heavily-armed police guarded Tiffany as she went back out on Falcon Lake, which straddles the U.S.-Mexico border.

Heart-wrenching photos show her placing the wreath in the water at the exact spot where she says pirates shot David in the head as the couple was trying to escape on jet skis.

Tiffany and her family joined hands with police boarded on the boat that took them to the spot on Falcon Lake.  

Tiffany and David's grieving mother appeared on The Early Show today and appealed to the pirates to return the body.

"If they would just give us back his body, then we could move on," said Tiffany.