93-Year-Old Man's Touching Piano-Playing Makes Him a YouTube Sensation

Walter Krauss has been playing piano for most of his life, but won internet celebrity in his twilight years.

A Michigan man has won internet fame for his heart-melting piano playing at the ripe age of 93.

Walter Krauss has been tickling the ivories since he was a kid in church and as a young Navyman, he played in locales as exotic as Shanghai, China.

He went on to play organ for a Lutheran congregation for over 35 years 

But, for Walter, the most foreign backdrop to date for his old school arrangements is his own home.

While the Lansing man plays piano in dozens of YouTube videos, Walter isn't entirely clear on what that is.

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"I don’t understand that," the nonagenarian told Upvoted.

But that hasn't stopped him from gaining well over a half million views, all told. And his son John, who uploaded the videos, told INSIDE EDITION that Walter has reveled in the attention technology has brought him without him ever leaving his assisted living facility.

"The internet has been a way for him to get the feedback and appreciation from many people, his new fans," John said. "He is benefitting from the social interaction there, but the net takes it to a new level, so he meets people and tells them, 'you can watch me on the internet, on YouTube!'".

In addition to YouTube, Walter appears to have a following among Reddit users. People on the message board first became interested after user im_not shared a clip of Walter playing the song “It Might as Well Be Spring” from the 1945 film State Fair.

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Amid the glowing praise, someone pointed out that Walter hadn't uploaded a video in several years, leading some to think he may have passed away.

However, after finding a recent Facebook photo of Walter, Redditor ur_mom69 wrote: “Wally Krauss, is alive and well he recently played at a retirement home...Chill guys he’s alive."

In response to premature rumors of his death, Walter uploaded a brand new video this week in which he plays "Bye Bye Blackbird."

In a single day, the video received more than 600,000 views on YouTube.

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