Melania Trump Makes Her First Appearance on the Campaign Trail

Trump's family joined him onstage at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Tuesday.

Donald Trump's daughters Ivanka and Tiffany, his son Baron and his wife Melania took to the stage during a rally in Myrtle Beach Tuesday night to support the presidential hopeful during his run for the White House.

Melania, who hasn't yet appeared on the campaign trail, told the crowd: “He will be the best president ever.”

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Ivanka's husband, Jared and Melania's parents were also in attendance.

The raucous rally had some other surprises like one guy who dressed up as the GOP front runner.

“This is what I call a real supporter,” the billionaire said.

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Donald raised eyebrows and gained approval of the rambunctious crowd when he pointed to the press area and said: “Seventy percent of those people back there are absolutely total scum.”

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