Parents Say Their 2-Year-Old Son Was Bound During Nap Time at Day Care

Parents in Michigan says their toddler son was bound, restrained during nap time at day care.

A Michigan couple says a day care worker tipped them off that their toddler son was being restrained against his will during nap time.

Jason and Rebecca Vannest say they were sent a cell phone photo showing their 2-year-old son, William, tightly swaddled in a blanket as he slept.

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“We had a contact from a worker at Rainbow (Child Care Center) who had a great concern about the care that he was being provided,” Jason told WNEM-TV.

Said Rebecca, “She was just kind of sick to her stomach about it, so she had to tell us.”

The parents immediately alerted the day care and stopped sending their son there, they said.  But the employee who bound William is still at the facility, they say.

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The center, in a statement issued to the station, said “any situation involving current and former employees, or current and former families, for the purpose of confidentiality, we don’t discuss it.”

The Vannests also reported their concerns to local police and the state’s welfare services department, they said.

According to documents obtained by the station, the day care center was cited by Department of Health Human Services for “restricting William’s movement during nap time.”

No criminal charges were filed based on the police investigation, the station reported.

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