Second Largest Diamond Ever Discovered is Unearthed and Could Fetch $60 Million

The Lucara mining company's Botswana mine unearthed an 1,111 carat rock, the second largest gem-quality diamond ever found.

The second largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered has been unearthed in Botswana and the nearly flawless stone weighs a whopping 1,111 carats.

Canadian mining company Lucara recovered the pricey rock from its Karowe Mine in the southern African nation of Botswana.

While clearly valuable, both for its massive size and lack of flaws, the stone is so big it's provong difficult to appraise.

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According to CNN, the diamond is so large that it can' fit into machines used to evaluate color and worth.

But at least one offer has been made on the stone for $40 million. However, CEO William Lamb believes the diamond could be worth "north of $60 million."

"The significance of the recovery of a gem quality stone larger than 1,000 carats, the largest for more than a century and the continued recovery of high quality stones...cannot be overstated," Lamb said in a Nov. 18 statement.

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The same Botswana mine has recently produced two other hulking stones, one weighing over 800 carats and the other over 300 carats.

The 1,111 carat stone is the largest ever found in Botswana, which produces more diamonds than any nation except Russia.

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