After Little Boy Defends Jogger From Catcaller, She Calls Him a 'Symbol of Hope'

When one woman was catcalled while running, a little boy came to her defense and shut the older man down.

When a jogger was catcalled while running through Los Angeles, a little boy refused to stand by and let it happen.

Singer Julia Price was called a "dumb b****" when she ignored the man shouting at her. Just as she was getting ready to defend herself, a young boy named James stepped in.

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“Hey, that is not nice to say to her and she didn't like you yelling at her," James told the man, according to Price, who wrote about the interaction on Facebook. "You shouldn't do that because she is a nice girl and I don't let anyone say mean things to people. She's a girl like my sister and I will protect her."


The story has gone viral and even caught the attention of Star Trek's George Takei, who posted on Facebook: “Chivalry is not dead, though it is coming from unexpected places.”

Price told INSIDE EDITION that the boy might have been about seven or eight years old.

“I always share very openly and to see this specific story positively affect so many people has been awesome,” she said. “I hope James and his mom see it.”

Price added that this was not the first time she had experienced catcalling on the street.

“This time was one of the more aggressive situations, but generally speaking, getting catcalled has unfortunately become somewhat of an expectation for most women on a daily basis," she said. 

She said she knows she's not the only woman out there who experiences it, and encourages others to “keep these conversations going, to take photos if safety permits, and to share with their friends so they can stand up for each other."

She added: “So much of this can be stopped if there are actual consequences, but I think the more awareness around the issue, the greater chance we have to create change.”

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While this situation isn’t going to stop Price from running and doing what she loves, she does have one thing she wants to tell the catcallers of the world – “I hope they have a daughter someday if they don't already. Might wake them up a little.”

Price looks at James a "symbol of hope for all of us” and tells IE: “I'll focus my energy instead on the people who are actually standing for each other and standing up for women and girls who experience this.”

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