Will the Real Justin Bieber Please Stand Up?

INSIDE EDITION talks to the man who was kicked off Facebook for having the same name as Justin Bieber.

It's Justin Bieber. No, not that Justin Bieber. This is 35-year-old Justin Bieber from Jacksonville, Florida.  He's got the same name as the teen heartthrob.

So what's in a name? Well, in this case, a whole lot.

He has been kicked off facebook, accused of pretending to be that other Justin Bieber.

Bieber said, "I got a message 'You've been deleted for using a fake name.' "

This Justin Bieber can't sleep at night because his phone rings constantly with fans of the pop sensation leaving message such as, "Hey Justin Bieber. I'm not one of your really crazy fans. Call me back!"

Bieber said, "Mostly it's teenage girls, teenage girls and more teenage girls."

And he's drowning in fan mail. It's sometimes a struggle to manage it all.

Bieber reads excerpts from one of the letters:

"Me plus you equals true love!"

Bieber adds, "She said I'm cute!"

And here's what happens when he makes a reservation at a neighborhood restaurant.

"Yes, I'd like a table for two. Yes, my name really is Justin Bieber. No, he will not be coming. It's just me and my wife."

While we were at his house, an express package came from David Letterman.

Bieber said, "They want me to come on the show and read the Top 10 list!"

So does this Justin Bieber have dreams of becoming a pop star? For now, he's going to stick to being a tech support nerd. Probably a good idea.