Skunk With Juice Carton Stuck On Its Head is Freed By Kind Cop

An Ocean Gate, New Jersey police officer was nice, and brave, enough to help a skunk out of a jam.

A New Jersey police officer recently recorded on video his kind, and brave, rescue of a skunk whose head was stuck in a juice carton.

Jonathan Whitney with the Ocean Gate police spotted the skunk, which had a Burger King orange juice container on its head, earlier this month.

Though he'd been sprayed before and knew just how lingering the stench can be, Whitney was more concerned about the skunk.

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"I wanted to help it," Whitney told NBC10

And help it he did, but the process--which Whitney documented on video and later uploaded to Facebook--wasn't  easy.

The video shows Whitney chasing the distressed creature around what appears to be a residential area in the Jersey Shore town.

"It's stuck and it can't see," Whitney said. "I'm probably gonna get skunked."

Whitney wonders aloud in the video, "How am I gonna get it off his head," as the skunk runs in fear.

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"You got to get this off your head," Whitney pleads with the critter.

Whitney eventually chases the skunk down and gets a firm grip on the juice box, which he yanks quickly from its head.

As the skunk runs for cover under a nearby car without spraying the officer, Whitney flashes an accomplished grin at the camera.

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