See Robots at Work Inside the Amazon Warehouse Where Your Cyber Monday Deals are Packed

The Amazon fulfillment center is a million square feet, the size of 28 football fields.

Cyber Monday central is a gigantic Amazon fulfillment center where online purchases from across America are stacked, packed and shipped and it's one of the busiest places on the planet.

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The Amazon fulfillment center in Riverside, California is one-million square feet which is equivalent to the size of 28 football fields.

There are 50 more like it across America. Amazon expects to sell 43 million items on Cyber Monday alone – that is 500 orders every second.

Amazon's Lori Richter showed INSIDE EDITION how Cyber Monday comes together at the facility.

She said: "As soon as you push the button, one of our pickers will go and pick the item off the shelf, store it in one of our yellow bins and place it on the conveyer belt. It will go down to packing where it will be packed or gift wrapped and sent out for delivery." 

Many orders are processed by robots. There are 30,000 robots working for Amazon, zipping up and down the aisles taking products off shelves.

This Cyber Monday is bigger than ever with sales expected to top $3 billion. Online stores for Sears, Best Buy, Macy's and Target are all expecting record sales.

So how do you find the best deals on Cyber Monday?

Consumer expert Andrea Woroch told INSIDE EDITION: "If you find a big door buster don't let it languish in your cart  because it could be gone within seconds. Buy it right away and then go back and browse for other items." 

Another tip is to keep checking your favorite online stores for flash sales every hour or so throughout the day.

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Take advantage of free shipping by grouping purchases together and download store apps for exclusive extra bargains.

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