Duct Tape Mom Reports to Court

The teenage mom who duct taped her toddler to a wall appeared in court to face tough questions about the photos that shocked the nation. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Tough questions for the mom facing international scorn over photos of her toddler son, duct taped to the wall, anguish etched on his little face.

Other pictures show the toddler with his hands duct taped. In another, his sippy cup is taped just out of reach.

Dave Lapant is the attorney hired to represent the interests of the duct taped baby.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asks, "As someone in your position, how egregious do you view these pictures?"

"I view them as very egregious. I attempted to get parental rights terminated when the case started. In my opinion, this is next to torture," Lapant said.

Trent tried to get some answers from the 18-year-old mother as she left court in Nebraska, flanked by her parents.

He asks, "Can you guys tell us your reaction to people seeing these pictures? People all over the country seeing these pictures?" Hamm would not answer.

Hamm was just as tightlipped in court, where she went before a judge to have an assessment of her parental fitness. The judge decided that this case will be reviewed again in 3 months. In the meantime, her son remains in foster care and she has supervised visits.

Hamm's former boyfriend is serving jail time over the incident, which the couple allegedly carried out as a joke when they were high.

Hamm is not the only teenage mother in the spotlight. In fact, the TV show,Teen Mom, is a new pop-culture phenomenon.

Scenes like one of one of the young moms laying into her baby daddy have made the show the second-highest-rated program on MTV.

Now, the photos serve as another grim reminder of the dangers of poor teen parenting.