Santa Claus Poses for Adorable Pictures With Snoozing Baby

Zeke Walters was snapped snoozing on Santa's lap in a series of heartwarming photos.

When a Santa Claus at an Indiana mall noticed a sleeping baby in line, he also saw a great photo opportunity.

He placed the little boy, six-month-old Zeke Walters, across his belly and opened a copy of "The Night Before Christmas" before pretended to nap himself. 

Zeke's dad Donnie uploaded the heartwarming photos to Facebook, where they have now been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

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"I can't believe how adorable our son's pictures with Santa came out," the proud dad wrote. "After falling asleep in line waiting, Santa asked us not to wake him and the outcome was the cutest thing I've ever seen."

Donnie told INSIDE EDITION that he was in line for the photo with his wife Kelli and his in-laws when Zeke fell asleep, and they debated going shopping before returning later in the day.

"But the lady behind us said, 'you might want to stay in line because he's great at taking pictures with sleeping babies,'" he recalled.

The boy only stirred slightly as Kelli helped Santa place the boy on his side. Santa then pretended to snooze, giving his helpers time to take the photos.

Donnie said he is overwhelmed by the response from the public.

"I knew it was beautiful but it's my son, so of course I think that!" he joked.

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The family returned to the mall the week after to let Santa know just how far the image had spread online - and Zeke slept through the second meeting, too. But the visit reminded them just how kind Santa is.

"I just think he's an absolutely wonderful person," Donnie said.

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