Brett Favre Caught in Sex Scandal

Football star Brett Favre is at the center of sex scandal for allegedly sending racy text messages and pictures of himself to a female sports reporter.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He's the legendary football star many know best for playing himself in the classic comedy, There's Something About Mary.

But now, Brett Favre, a married man, finds himself at the center of a sex scandal.  

A just-released voicemail reveals Favre leaving a message for a sports reporter named Jen Sterger in 2008, according to the website

In the voicemail, Favre can be heard saying, "Give me a text, I'd love to see you tonight. All right, talk to you later. Bye."

The quarterback, who was playing for the New York Jets at the time, allegedly threw his riskiest pass of all.

"According to her, she started receiving picture messages from Bret which showed his private parts," said AJ Delario from

Now its front-page news. The New York Post headline read, "Favre Accused of Sending Jet Beauty Sex Photos!"

Just last month, sideline reporter Ines Sainz was in the news when she claimed she was the target of catcalls and suggestive remarks from the New York Jets.

Favre's wife of 14 years, Deanna, is a breast cancer survivor who praised the way her husband took care of her in a Good Morning America interview in 2007.

"Brett was huge for me, he's got quite the fight in him he was great," she said.

But she also told of a low moment in their marriage when Favre was in rehab for alcohol abuse. Deana said she kicked him out of the house and was contemplating divorce!

"We turned things around, and it's been incredible," she said.

Time will tell if the Favre marriage can weather this scandal.