Father Hailed a Hero After Saving Son's Life

When armed robbers took over a bank, this father went to great lengths to protect his little boy. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A father and son walk into a bank in Pembroke Pines, Florida, not knowing there's a bank robbery in progress. One of the robbers approach the pair and force them to the ground at gunpoint.

That's when the dad, Mike Carriere, puts his arm around his 9-year-old son Logan and shields him with his own body to protect him.

Fortunately, the robbers didn't open fire, they just took the money and ran. Now this dad is being hailed a hero.

"He saved my life," said Logan.
"Thank God we are still here," Carriere added.

Authorities believe the burglars have struck before. They are called "The Sundown Bandits" because they strike right before banks close.