3 Injured People Pulled from Crashed Plane as Dog is Taken Away on a Stretcher

Three people and a dog went down in a small airplane in Opa Locka in South Florida on Tuesday morning.

Three people were injured Tuesday morning when a small aircraft crashed in Southern Florida.

Two of the injured passengers were airlifted to a trauma center. The third was taken via ground transportation.

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Witnesses at the scene in the town of Oka-Locka said a dog ran out of the wreckage. Video footage taken by WSVN shows the 11-year-old mixed breed named Sugar being taken away on a stretcher.

Conditions of the three injured passengers weren't all immediately released, but at least one was critically injured. According to WPLG, Sugar suffered a broken paw and a cut on its forehead.

Witnesses said the plane, a single-engine Cherokee PA-28, appeared to be smoking or on fire before it went down.

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"It was on fire in the air and then it crashed down," witness Kimberly Green said. "Once it hit the smoke stopped and then the guy with the gray shirt -- he ran to try to get the two other guys out, and then you see the dog run out of the plane… he couldn't get the lady out."

The plane landed on its roof near a small body of water soon after taking off from Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport at 10:35 a.m.

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