Raising Sextuplets Dad's Father-In-Law Speaks

INSIDE EDITION talks to the father-in-law of TV's Raising Sextuplets dad Bryan Masche about the rage Masche unleashed on him.

INSIDE EDITION asks, "Do you consider Bryan to be a danger in anyway to your daughter or your grandchildren?"

"No, no," replies Sembric.

A forgiving father-in-law speaks out in support of TV's Raising Sextuplets dad Bryan Masche who was arrested for domestic violence last month.

It was his father-in-law, Bob Sembric who called 911.

In the call, you can hear Masche threatening Sembric while his wife Jenny pleads with her husband to knock it off.

Bryan: I'll (obscenity) flatten you old man!
Jenny: Bryan, Bryan, Bryan!
Bryan: I will flatten you!

INSIDE EDITION asks, "Were you afraid?"

"No I was not. I was feeling sad that things were the way they were," Sembric said.

Sembric says Masche was under intense financial and emotional strain and just cracked. Masche's been out of work for almost a year and is struggling to provide for his huge family.

"He's been a stay at home dad with sextuplets, it's very hard," Sembric said.

The beleaguered dad appeared in an Arizona court Thursday without his wife Jenny, who has filed for separation. His father-in-law says he hopes the couple will stay together.

"We want them to come together as a couple. They have 6 reasons to get this relationship back together," Sembric said.

Masche is due back in court in November.