Pediatrician Reveals His Foolproof Technique to Quiet Any Crying Baby

Dr. Robert Hamilton gives his step-by-step guide to the position, which he calls "The Hold," in a video.

A pediatrician is revealing his tried and tested technique to quiet any crying baby.

Dr. Robert Hamilton, from Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, gives his step-by-step guide to the position, which he calls "The Hold," in a video shared to YouTube.

In his left hand, he holds the infant just below his chin and, with the right hand, he holds the baby's behind before gently wiggling it. Or, as he explains: "I shake his little booty."

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The video has already been viewed thousands of times since it was posted on Sunday.

Dr. Hamilton told INSIDE EDITION he's developed the technique after 31 years of practicing. He also has six children and six grandchildren of his own.

"I'm surrounded by screaming little people," he said. "I've developed a way of holding children that’s really effective. They really do quiet down."

He said he developed "The Hold" after getting a few tips early in his training.

"One of my teachers showed us this idea and I’ve developed it a little more," he said. "You’re basically swaddling the child. When you’re rocking them up and down, kids find that to be a pleasant position."

But he admitted that the technique raises some eyebrows.

"It looks like a funny position," he said. "People ask, ‘what are you doing to my child?’ But it really works really well."

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Now he just hopes that parents will take away some lessons from his video, especially dads.

"Mothers have tools that they can feed their child with. This is for dads to be there and hold and quiet them," he said, adding: "I hope people will just have a little bit of peace in their life."

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