Mom Drove Her Daughter and Other Kids Around as They Egged Homes, Police Say

A Utah mom was charged after she allegedly took her daughter and 'other minors' out on an alleged egging rampage this summer.

A Utah mom has been charged after she allegedly drove her daughter and other children to throw eggs at 20 homes, causing thousands of dollars in damage, according to police. 

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Jennifer Ann Terry was arrested on Monday and charged with a Class A misdemeanor of causing a catastrophe for allegedly targeting homes Weber County, Utah.

According to Utah state law, “any person is guilty of causing a catastrophe if the person causes widespread injury or damage to persons or property.”

A group of juveniles allegedly threw about 120 to 180 eggs while the 44-year-old drove them on August 20, according to court documents obtained by

"[Terry] admitted to doing this ultimately because of certain familial problems she was having and because she simply did not care," according to charging documents.

The charges and court documents state that one of the minors admitted to the egging.

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“Some [of the homeowners] have not been able to clean the eggs off completely, no matter how much they have tried to do so," charging documents state.

Terry has not pleaded and will have a court appearance this week.

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