Elderly Dad Convinces Kids He's Dead in Controversial Christmas Ad

Some people appear to love this German grocery store ad, while others seem to find it in poor taste.

A grocery chain's holiday commercial has people weeping worldwide with what appears to be a heartwarming message: don't wait until grandpa dies to pay him a visit.

The German ad for supermarket corporation Edeka starts with the family of an elderly man blowing him off for Christmas as he prepares their holiday meal and then eats alone.

The ad then cuts to people we presume to be the man's children who are all around the world receiving some bad news.

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When they all solemnly arrive to their father's home, surprise! He just wanted them all to visit.

Though the commercial appears to be earnestly going for a sort of heartwarming message, it hasn't been taken that way by everyone.

Many find it downright depressing, others find it spectacular and still some aren't sure what to think. A search for the hashtag #heimkommen, German for "come home," reveals the range of reactions.

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Radio station KQRS asked on Facebook, "Is this holiday commercial heartwarming or messed up? Both?"

"Probably the best Christmas advert yet. Good job Edeka!" wrote Facebook user Shaun Mahon.

Twitter user @IRachEDay said simply: "Damn you foreign grocery store..."

Feelings on the ad were clearly mixed. However--like the father who asked his family, "How else could I have brought you all together?"--how else but with a little controversy would the whole world be watching a German supermarket ad?

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