Crazy Behavior in Midterm Elections

The midterm elections are heating up with more unusual behavior from candidates across the nation. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Rich Iott, the Republican candidate from Toledo, Ohio, admits it's him in a photo where he is dressed like a Nazi. He says he's just a history buff and was wearing the uniform of a SS officer as part of a reenactment.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Iott,  "Are you a Nazi?"

Not the kind of question a candidate for Congress wants to hear just 22 days before the election.

"I'm most certainly not. We all know what happened during that time period and it's despicable," said Iott.

"Can you understand why some people may be offended?" asked Trent.

"I think people may take something out of context, just like this was," said Iott.

The photo is causing a storm of controversy. Iott showed us other photos of historical reenactments. In one photo he is in a Civil War uniform, and in another he is wearing the uniform of a World War I officer.

Iott said of the reenactments, "It's a great teaching tool."

And the candidate for New York Governor who's accused of making homophobic remarks was met with boos today at New York's Columbus Day parade. Carl Paladino, fresh off his in-your-face fight with a reporter that made national news, ignited yet another firestorm when he said that being gay is "not the example we should be showing our children."

Paladino went on to say,  "I don't want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and success option."

Paladino says he has nothing against gays, but he's opposed to gay marriages.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd caught up with Paladino at the parade, and said, "A lot of people were booing you up and down the parade route."

Paladino resonded, "Of course, and a lot were cheering too. A lot more were cheering than were booing."

And President Obama literally had a book thrown at him. The President seemed to be oblivious as the book missed his head by inches at a rally Sunday in Philadelphia.

It sure is one wild political season.