Self-Proclaimed Psychic Credited With Leading Cops to $2,200 Worth of Stolen Jeans

An anonymous police tipster told authorities in Wisconsin about a suspicious car that ended up containing stolen outerwear.

A self-proclaimed psychic in Wisconsin is being credited with the recovery of $2,200 worth of stolen blue jeans.

The unidentified man called police in Madison on Tuesday and told them he was a psychic. He then told them that he believed there was an "elaborate conspiracy" involving a white car parked near a motel.

According to a police report, the man "saw people coming and going and believed they had a strange 'aura.'"

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Despite the dubious claims of supernatural senses, police investigated and ended up arresting a man and a woman on tentative chargesthat  they stole thousands of dollars worth of jeans.

The pair allegedly lifted the dungarees from a West Towne Mall. They also allegedly stole a purse from an Olive Garden and used a credit card from the bag to purchase cigarettes.

According to Reuters, police say 25-year-old Andrew Matje and Alexandra K. Scola, also 25, used the white car in a series of thefts in November.

Andrew Matje was arrested for identity theft, resisting arrest, felony bail jumping, party to a crime of felony retail theft and a burglary warrant, according to an incident report.

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Scola was arrested for identity theft, two counts of felony retail theft, attempted felony retail theft and warrants.

The white car, which may contain evidence of additional crimes, was towed away.

It was unclear whether either Matje or Scola had an attorney or if they have yet appeared in court.

"The suspects went to jail, and while investigators could not corroborate the self-proclaimed psychic's elaborate conspiracy theory, they were very happy to get the crime tip, just the same," the incident report said. 

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