Mom of Sandy Hook Victim Reveals The Words That Kept Her Alive After Her Son's Death

The mother of a Sandy Hook victim has written a new book which explains how three words kept her alive after the tragedy.

A mother whose son was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre says she found the strength to live thanks to three words he wrote on a kitchen chalk board before his death.

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Twenty children and six female staff members were killed during the shooting in Connecticut in December 2012. The attack in San Bernardino this week is the worst mass shooting in the country since the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Scarlett Lewis told INSIDE EDITION that before her son Jesse was killed, he wrote “nurturing, healing, love” on a board in their kitchen.

Scarlett has now written a book, Nurturing, Healing, Love: A Mother’s Journey of Hope and Forgiveness, which is based on those three words that she feels was divinely left for her.

“I felt like I had been passed a torch in these times," she said.

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Scarlett said getting through her son's death has been a long process but that she's in a better place today. She is now determined to spread Jesse’s message onto others.

“I've found my purpose in life -- to spread nurturing healing love," she said.

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