Stepdad Shows Off His 'Beer Yoga' Moves With Pint Balanced On His Head

A video shows a man drinking a glass of beer without using his hands.

It's one form of exercise determined to leave you feeling lightheaded.

An Oregon man is showing off his "beer yoga" skills - a practice that involves placing a pint on his head then drinking the beer without using his hands.

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The video was shared by Alyse Schiedler, who wrote: "My 60 year old step dad told us he could place a beer on his head and drink it without using his hands or arms..... We didn't believe him but he totally killed it!"

With the glass on his head, he manages to slowly lower himself until he is on his back - before lifting the beer from his head to the ground using his legs. After rolling over, he is able to pick the glass up from the ground using only his mouth.

"Hashtag 'stepdadgoals,'" Schiedler says in the video as she watches in disbelief.

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