Couple Dresses Up in Over-The-Top Costumes For Their Annual Awkward Christmas Card

For over a decade Mike and Laura Bergeron have dressed up in wacky costumes for their annual themed Christmas card photos.

For the last twelve years the Bergeron family has been dressing up in over-the-top costumes for their themed Christmas cards.

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Mike Bergeron shared the family’s 12 cards on Imgur and Reddit and within days the post went viral racking up over 250,000 views.

Every holiday season Mike and his wife Laura dress up as other people and then head to their local J.C. Penney to take their Christmas card picture. Each year brings a different theme and a new persona for the couple to take on.  

In 2004 the couple faked a pregnancy for the joke holiday card, with Laura holding a beer and smoking a cigarette and Mike wearing a mullet wig.

The 2008 card featured the pair dressed in the traditional ensembles worn by Hare Krishnas and both wore bald caps. The message on the card read, “Merry Krishnas!”  

When the couple started having children, they included them in the wacky tradition.

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Last year everybody in the family cross-dressed. Laura dressed up as a dad and Mike dressed as the mom, while their two daughters dressed up as little boys.

According to Mike, this year’s card is still in the works, but he has promised all his new fans he will post it for them when it’s ready. 

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