The Biggest Loser Champion Shows Off Post-Op Body

After losing an enormous amount of weight on The Biggest Loser, one man turned to the surgeon's on The Doctors to solve his excess skin problem. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Danny Cahill is the biggest loser ever on The Biggest Loser. He lost a whopping 239 pounds!

But there was one big problem; Cahill had loads of excess skin. So he turned to plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon, from TV's The Doctors to have the excess skin removed in a grueling seven hour operation.

"The amount of skin we removed was like six square feet," Ordon explained.

Now Cahill is going on The Doctors, doing something he never dreamed of.

On the show, Cahill tore off his shirt, revealing his new body to the world!

"You know what? I may be going to the beach tomorrow because I really feel like I can take my shirt off in public now and not be embarrassed about it," Cahill said.