'Affluenza' Teen Who Was Spared Prison After Killing 4 is Seen Partying in Video

A prosecutor is investigating whether Ethan Couch violated his parole.

A raucous game of beer pong could send a teen to prison for ten years.

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A six-second video posted Wednesday on Twitter shows Ethan Coach standing next to another male who clownishly leaped onto the table, laughing hysterically during a party. There apparently was beer at the party. It's unknown whether he joined in the drinking.

The video was posted by a user named @blondspectre who wrote: “Ya boy Ethan Couch violating probation. I got more if u want.”

The prosecutor says they're investigating to see if Couch did indeed violate probation. 

A judge ordered him to spend two years in a luxury rehab. 

In 2013, Ethan Couch drunkenly mowed down and killed four people with his pickup truck. His defense triggered outrage with the claim that the teen suffered from Affluenza --- spoiled rotten by wealthy parents who didn't teach him right from wrong.

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The defense worked and Couch got no jail time. His lawyer promised that he was going to learn his lesson. Couch was ordered not to drink, drive or do drugs.

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