Dog Owner Who Stabbed Husky 11 Times With Samurai Sword is Jailed 100 Days

A North Carolina man has been sentenced after entering an Alford plea to charges he stabbed 13-month-old Koda to death while he was tied to a tree.

A North Carolina man who police say stabbed his dog to death with a samurai sword has been senteced to 100 days in jail.

Douglas Joseph Hagler of the town of Cary entered an Alford plea on Friday, meaning he made a plea of guilty without admitting guilt, to charges he killed 13-month-old Siberian husky Koda in May.

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Hagler was punishing the dog, which was tied to a tree at the time, after he bit Hagler's roommate, police say.

Hagler took the roommate to the hospital before returning home and allegedly stabbing the dog, WTVD reports.

A neighbor who witnessed the alleged stabbing called 911. "He kept saying 'that dog's a killer,'" the caller told the operator.

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A judge on Friday also sentenced Hagler to five years probation.

For the first two years of his probation, Hagler--whose attorney maintained is an alcoholic not always able to control his emotions--must wear an alcohol monitoring device.

He must also not own a dog, live with a dog, or have contact with one.

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