Political Ads Use Actors to Play Average Joes

Political ads may appear to be using real people on the streets, but INSIDE EDITION talks to one actor who was hired to play an average Joe in one politician's ad.

A couple of average Joes, sitting in a diner, talking politics. Are these guys who have fallen on hard times for real?

Meet Damian "Musiani," and yup, he's an actor who's appeared on Saturday Night Live.

Damian told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, "It was evident that they were looking for a very casual type of look, flannel, work boots, trucker hat."

In fact, the actors were instructed to wear clothes that gave them a "hicky blue collar look."

Boyd asked, "Do you believe enough is being done to let the person at home know they're watching actors?"

Damian said, "Not necessarily but, the bottom line is that it's the politician's choice to use the imagery that they want."

Damian's ad for the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from West Virginia has just been pulled. By the way, the ad wasn't shot in West Virginia, but in south Philly.

The same actors have even been known to pop up in different political ads in different states, and that has some commentators, and comedians, seeing double.