Woman Arrested for Hit and Run After Her Car Calls Police: Cops

A Florida woman was arrested Nov. 30 after her car automatically called police following a collision.

A Florida woman was arrested Nov. 30 after her car called police following an alleged hit and run.

Around the same time a hit and run was reported in Port St. Lucie, police say their dispatch got an automated call that informed them the owner of a Ford equipped with electronic monitoring had been involved in an accident.

Meanwhile, at the site of the alleged hit and run, victim Anna Preston told police she was struck from behind by a black vehicle that took off.

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After Bernstein's Ford called authorities, it patched into her car. Police say the 57-year-old told dispatchers that no accident had occurred and that she had not been drinking and was heading home, WPBF reports.

However, in a recording of the call, the operator seems to doubt Bernstein's story.

"Your car wouldn't call us if someone pulled out in front of you unless there had been an accident," she said.

Police went to Bernstein's home, where they say they found her black Ford with a damaged front-end. and a deployed airbag.

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Bernstein reportedly told police she'd hit a tree. However, police say she eventually admitted to the hit and run and to telling an operator there'd been no accident.

According to police, further investigation revealed what they say is evidence Bernstein had also hit a second car and fled the scene.

Bernstein was arrested and charged with hit and run and later released on $3,750.00 bond, according to online records. It was not clear if she has an attorney.

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