Showgirl Battles For Her Life Against Anorexia

INSIDE EDITION reports on a showgirl who's following in her mother's footsteps both as a dancer, and in her battle with anorexia.

This 21-year old anorexic showgirl looks like a skeleton but she doesn't realize it.

At 5'6" tall, Adrienne Courtois weighs only 97 pounds. Her story is featured on the E! Channel's new reality show What's Eating You, airing Wednesday nights at 10.

Courtois, said, "I am never happy with how I look in my body. I think I look fat. I have fat right here. I have a muffin top right here."

Courtois was reportedly fired from her dream job as lead dancer in a stage show after audience members complained about her shocking appearance.

Courtois said, "I don't think that I'm skinny."

Courtois refuses to eat any fat and just nibbling on some lettuce turns her stomach. Sadly, anorexia runs in her family. When Courtois's mother was in her 20's, she was also a dancer and weighed a shocking 86 pounds.

Dee said, "I did struggle with it for several years, and eventually did overcome it."

Now Courtois's mother is stepping in to help save her daughter's life, saying, "I'm very worried. I'm very worried for her health."

Courtois agreed to go to therapy, but sadly, all the weight she gained in treatment she lost again.

"I want to get better. I don't want to live like this," said Courtois.

Doctors say people who struggle with anorexia often gain and then lose weight before they begin to gain weight and actually keep it on.