Husband Who Pushed His Wife Off a Cliff is Sentenced to Life in Prison

Harold Henthorn, 59, received the mandatory sentence on Tuesday for murdering his wife Dr. Toni Henthorn, who plummeted nearly 130 feet to her death.

The man who murdered his second wife by pushing her to her death from a cliff in a Colorado park has been sentenced to life in prison.

Harold Henthorn, 59, received the mandatory sentence on Tuesday after he was found guilty of murdering Dr. Toni Henthorn, who plummeted nearly 130 feet from a remote area in Rocky Mountain National Park in September 2012.

Toni Henthorn had fallen face-first off the cliff after Harold Henthorn claimed she had stopped to take a photo.  

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Henthorn took his wife to the park under the pretense of celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary, but testimony during the trial revealed that a map was found in his Jeep Grand Cherokee with an “X” drawn on the rocky spot where his wife had fallen.

Henthorn claimed his wife's fall was a tragic accident and that he tried to help her. 

He alerted 911, but a dispatcher testified that she did not believe Henthorn was actually performing CPR because he did not sound out of breath.

Prosecutors said he wanted to collect $4.7 million in life insurance policies his wife was unaware existed, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities continue to investigate the death of Henthorn's first wife, Sandra “Lynn” Henthorn in May 1995.

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Evidence was reportedly introduced during the trial that suggested the death of Henthorn’s first wife, who was crushed when a car slipped off a jack while they were changing a flat tire, was staged. Harold Henthorn hasn't been charged in that death.

A reportedly emotionless Henthorn, dressed in a tan prison jump suit, said in court that he never killed anyone and asserted his love for his 10-year-old daughter, Haley, the Denver Post wrote.

“I did not kill Toni or anyone else,” Henthorn said. “I love Haley so much.”

Toni Henthorn’s brother, Dr. Barry Bertolet, is reportedly trying to secure adoption of his niece, which Harold Henthorn is fighting.

Members of Toni Henthorn’s family and friends reportedly shouted “Bye, Harold!” and cheered when he was found guilty of murdering his second wife.

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