120 Boston College Students Fall Sick After Eating at the Same Chipotle Restaurant

120 Boston College students fell ill after they all ate at the same Chipotle franchise, according to the university.

A Boston Chipotle franchise has been closed by health officials because 120 students became ill with the norovirus after they all ate at the same restaurant.

Heath officials increased the number of sick students from 80 to 120 on Wednesday.

A campus-wide email was sent by Boston College’s health services director Dr. Thomas Nary, warning students about the outbreak, the Boston Globe reported.

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It is the latest black mark on the Mexican food giant, which has battled an E. coli epidemic that has sickened 52 people across nine states since October.

Local health inspectors closed the Cleveland Circle location on Monday after it was cited for having a sick employee working with food and failing to keep stored meat at proper temperatures.

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The sick students included at least eight members of the men’s basketball team, school authorities said.

Chipotle said it was working with local officials to sanitize the Boston franchise and to test all employees for the norovirus.

The virus is very contagious and can be spread through food, water, touching contaminated surfaces or having contact with an infected person, health officials said.

Chipotle officials said the Boston contamination was not related to the E. coli affecting other franchises.

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