Cop Fighting For His Life After Traffic Stop Turned Into Gun Battle

A Denver cop was in critical condition after being shot several times Tuesday during traffic stop, authorities said.

A Denver police officer was fighting for his life late Tuesday after he was shot several times during a traffic stop that turned into a gun battle, authorities said.

Officer Antonio Lopez Jr. was in critical condition following hours of surgery for multiple gunshot wounds, CBS Denver reported.

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The traffic stop occurred earlier Tuesday near a Denver intersection, police said.

A wounded suspect was arrested at the scene, authorities said.

Two other suspects may be at large, police said.

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The hospital’s head surgeon told the station that Lopez “was as close to death as you can get.”

The officer was wearing a tactical vest.

The traffic stop occurred near the site of a carjacking and an armed bank robbery, police said, but it was not clear if the incidents were connected. 

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