Trump Tells Kelly and Michael His Muslim Comments Are 'Not About Religion, This Is About Safety'

Donald Trump was on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' on Wednesday and said his comments about Muslims are 'not about religion' but about 'safety.'

Donald Trump continued to raise eyebrows Wednesday morning on Live with Kelly & Michael.

Some in the audience seemed hesitant at times but the celebrity-friendly crowd warmly received the GOP front-runner.

When he sat down, they got right down to business when Michael Strahan asked him about his recent comments made regarding Muslims.

"We're going to have tremendous problems. It's getting worse and worse, and those problems are coming from a certain sector," said Trump. "Our country has to get its act together."

He told the host: “It’s not about religion, this is about safety.”

The backlash continued in Trump's hometown of New York, as protestors gathered outside City Hall denouncing his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

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There was also a shocking front page of the New York Daily News that showed a cartoon of Trump beheading The Statue of Liberty.

The attacks aimed at Trump are growing more personal, even from White House Spokesman Josh Earnest, who said at a briefing on Tuesday: “The Trump campaign, for months now, has had a dustbin-of-history-like quality to it, from the vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies to even the fake hair.”

In an interview with Barbara Walters that aired on Tuesday night, Trump denied that he's anti-Muslim.

"I'm a person who has common sense. I'm a smart person. I know how to run things. I know how to make America great again. This is about making America great," he said.

"I'm the worst thing that ever happened to ISIS. The people in my party fully understand that -- they're running against me. For the most part, they have no poll numbers. I'm leading by a lot. They get it. They're trying to get publicity for themselves," Trump said.

On Tuesday night’s Daily Show they declared Trump “White ISIS.”

"Take a second to think about what he said here. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump wants to ban every single person from the world's second largest religion from entering the United States of America," host Trevor Noah said. "Every doctor, every scientist, and even Zayn Malik. You really want to piss off One Direction fans? You want a real insurgency on your hands?"

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Correspondent Hasan Minhaj said: “One-third of a major political party in America is backing a racist maniac. This place is scary right now. Donald Trump is an extremist leader who came out of nowhere, he's self-financed, recruits through social media, attracts his followers with a radical ideology to take over the world and is actively trying to promote a war between Islam and the West … That's right Trevor, Donald Trump is White ISIS."

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