Why are So Many Friends Actors Unlucky in Love?

As Courteney Cox's separation from David Arquette is announced, many are asking, why are some of the stars of Friends so unlucky in love? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

When Friends ended, Jennifer Aniston seemed to have it all...but today she just can't seem to find a steady boyfriend. After divorcing Brad Pitt in 2005 she's had one failed relationship after another, with co-star Vince Vaughn, singer John Mayer and British model Paul Sculfor.

"She seems to have everything you would want, and yet somehow the relationships just don't seem to last," says Mike Fleeman, West Coast Editor, People.

Aniston's not the only Friend with a rocky love life...

Her best friend Courteney Cox just announced her separation from husband of 11 years, David Arquette.

And after two stints in rehab, 41-year-old Matthew Perry says he doesn't understand why he's still single.

Meanwhile, David Schwimmer is having better luck. He just revealed he has been secretly married since June, to 25-year-old photographer Zoe Buckman. There's an 18-year age difference between the two.

"The timing couldn't have been more bizarre. David Schwimmer got married back in June and we only find out at exactly the same time that we find out that Courteney Cox and David Arquette split up," Fleeman says.

Matt LeBlanc can't seem to find happiness in love either. In 2006 he divorced Melissa McKnight and has been single ever since.

Lisa Kudrow seems to be one of the Friends who isn't plagued with an unhappy love life. Kudrow has been married to advertising executive Michel Stern for 15 years. They have one son, Julian.

Fleeman says, "Despite the problems, take a look at Lisa Kudrow. There is hope for the Friends yet."