Military Dad Surprises Kids By Making Himself the Present Under the Tree

Christmas came early for a brother and sister in Plymouth, England when their father, who's in the Royal Navy, came wrapped for the holidays.

Christmas came early for a young brother and sister in England this year when their military serviceman father arrived home for the holidays, all wrapped up like a present.

Ruth Stevens of Plymouth shared a touching video on Monday of her son and daughter--Alfie and Lily--coming down the stairs to unwrap what they thought was an early Christmas gift. 

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On the living room floor, they found an unusually large and lumpy wrapped gift.

Like any children, Alfie and Lily rushed to unwrap their new toy--but instead found a familiar face.

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"Daddy!" they both squeal as they hug their grinning father, Scott Stevens, who serves in the Royal Navy.

The touching reunion video has been viewed millions of times on the LAD bible's Facebook page, where it's also been liked over 100,000 times.

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