Chilean Miners Rescued

The entire world watched as miners in Chile were rescued one-by-one after being trapped for more than 60 days. INSIDE EDITION reports on the amazing story.

A moment of utter ecstacy as the first of the Chilean miners comes to the surface.

The rescue effort, which began at midnight in Chile, is captivating all of humanity.

The Today Show's Natalie Morales could not hold back the tears as she described the scene on the ground, saying, "It is an unbelievable scene here. Impossible to have a dry eye. The very first moments and the very first hugs. Everybody's crying."

And who could blame them. There were bear hugs all round and tears of joy as one-by-one the men emerge from their underground prison.

One grateful miner hands out souvenier rocks to his rescuers and leads the crowd in a triumphant chant.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney learned first-hand what the rescue capsule was like when she stepped inside a capsule similar to the one being used to rescue the miners in Chile.

McInerney said, "It's pretty tall. It's about 9 feet high but it is incredibly small inside. It's pretty heavy. It's 600 pounds and made of steel. It's less than 2 feet wide so it's a pretty tight squeeze."

The ride to the surface takes just 15 minutes. The miners were greeted with open arms. Touching images that are captivating the entire world.

Someone else who was glued to the TV during the rescues was President Obama who called the moment "truly inspirational."