This Kid's Foul-Mouthed Response on a School Test Will Make You Chuckle

A teacher probably cracked a smile when she saw her student wrote the word "s***t" in the blank instead of describing a drawing for the word "sit."

A teacher probably cracked a smile when this student penned the word "s***" instead of "sit" on a test.

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A copy of the school work, which appeared on Reddit, showed drawings of children striking poses. Students were then instructed to write what the cartoons were doing.

One image showed a little boy sitting on a box next to a blank space followed by the letters "it."

The kid perhaps believed the boy was on a toilet, rather than a box, and you can use your imagination for the four letter word he wrote instead of the correct answer - "sit."

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The image of the unknown child’s school assignment quickly became a viral sensation after being shared on Imgur, where it has been viewed more than a million times.

While the child’s answer may not have been what the teacher was looking for, perhaps he deserves some extra credit for making millions chuckle.

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