Football Player Loses Leg After Tackle

INSIDE EDITION reports on a high school football player who lost his leg after a seemingly routine tackle.

The wide receiver was having a fantastic game. Number 22, Trevor Roberts, had already scored three touchdowns even before half-time.

Nobody had any inkling that something was about to happen to this star football player that would have heartbreaking consequences.

This is 17-year-old Roberts today. His leg had to be amputated, all due to a routine play at that fateful game.

Roberts, who played for the McLouth high school Bulldogs outside Kansas, broke his leg in a tackle. A titanium rod was put into his leg. Everything seemed routine, but then Roberts came down with a 104 degree fever. His doctor said gangrene had set in.

Roberts said, "He told me that there was a chance that I might not make it, because the infection was so bad."

Surgeons had to amputate above the knee. His girlfriend is sticking by him

"The first night after it happened, he asked, 'Do you not love me any more because of my leg?' And I told him I didn't love you because of your leg, I love you because of what's in your heart."

Roberts got a hero's welcome when he went back to the team field. He was crowned Homecoming King at his team's homecoming game. A crowning tribute to an amazing young man.