Meet the 2 Russian Sisters Linking Syed Farook to the Friend Who Provided Him Weapons

Syed Farook's brother is married to one of the women, while the other is married to his close friend Enrique Marquez.

 Russian blonde beauty who married into the family of the terrorists responsible for the San Bernardino massacre is linked to Syed Farook and the man who provided him weapons. 

The woman, named Tatiana, is married to Farook's older brother, Raheel. 

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Unlike the conservatively dressed Farook women, who are devout Muslims, photos show 31-year-old Tatiana wearing a revealing bikini on a vacation in Cancun.

Tatiana’s 25-year-old sister, Mariya, married Enrique Marquez, Syed Farook's pal, who bought the weapons used in the massacre.

Viviana Ramirez, a good friend of Marquez, told INSIDE EDITION she does not think he is a terrorist.

"No, I do not," she said. 

She spoke about his personality, saying: "First he was shy. Then, after he would get into a conversation he would laugh, make jokes, he would make fun of you. He was never violent." 

On the Marquez's marriage certificate, Tatiana and Raheel Farook were named as witnesses.

Marquez and Mariya reportedly did not live together, leading some to question if the marriage was a sham.

Marquez reportedly told investigators that he and Syed planned a terror attack together in 2012, but got cold feet.

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Marquez's younger brother refused to answer questions about him on Thursday.

There was a handwritten sign on his lawn asking people to stay away.

The Russian sisters and other Farook family members have not been tied to the terror shootings. 

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