Cox and Arquette Just "Too Different" Say Friends

Hollywood was shocked when Courteney Cox and David Arquette announced their split, but now friends are saying that the actors are just "too different." INSIDE EDITION has more.

They're just too "different." That's what's said to be behind Courteney Cox's surprising split from husband David Arquette.

The couple's close friends tell People magazine that "Hollywood's Odd Couple" didn't break up because of extramarital affairs.

"It has to do with two different people who have always had to work hard to have a marriage," said one source.

"We have heard nothing about cheating. It was two people who are very, very different, and those differences caught up with them," says People's Mike Fleeman.

Arquette opened up about their big differences during a shockingly candid interview with Howard Stern. He told Stern that Cox was tired of nagging him and being his "mother."

The actor, who had a drug problem in the past, is known for his eccentric antics. Just last May he found himself at the center of a melee, breaking up a fight at an LA Lakers game.

Cox, who is described as having a "Type A personality," was reportedly always bothered by their age gap. She is seven years older than Arquette.    
During their 11-year marriage, the pair admitted to seeking couples therapy and opened up to INSIDE EDITION in 2007 about their sometimes-rocky relationship.

"We just have really separate lives too, and yes we have good times and bad times, but...that's not the important part," Cox said.

Arquette is now coming under fire for spilling intimate relationship secrets on Stern's radio show.

"Grown men do not go on radio shows and discuss intimate aspects of their personal life. You just don't do that," said an outraged Kathy Lee Gifford on Today.
Cox is reportedly not surprised about what Arquette said during the interview, but Arquette took to Twitter to apologize for over-sharing:

"...In retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled," he wrote.

INSIDE EDITION is also learning more about Jasmine Waltz, the woman Arquette admitted to having sex with after he separated from Cox.

The 28-year-old cocktail waitress has reportedly been linked to other celebrities, including Ryan Seacrest and Chris Pine.

Now Arquette is trying to clear the air about their relationship. He told a paparazzo, "I love my wife Courteney, we're going through a trial separation."

And Cox's Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt, who she was rumored to be dating, is speaking out about the breakup in statement: "Courteney is a great friend and colleague. I'm sorry she is going through this difficult time."

Cox and Arquette are now living separately. Cox is staying in their Malibu home while Arquette is living in their Beverly Hills estate.