Driverless Train Mysteriously Leaves Station, Passes 4 Stops

A driverless train in Boston mysteriously left a station during early commuting hours.

morning commute got off to a strange start for Boston rail passengers on Thursday when their train left a station without a driver, officials said. 

The train was carrying around 50 people when it took off from Braintree Station just after 6 a.m and blew through four stations.

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The train eventually stopped when staff cut off power to the electrified third rail, officials said. Transit personnel were able to board the locomotive and take it to another station where passengers disembarked. The train was then taken out of service.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker told Boston Herald Radio: "This train was tampered with, and it was tampered with by somebody who knew what they were doing."

None of the train’s passengers were hurt but the train’s operator suffered a minor injury after it brushed him at the departing station.

Passengers who were on board the train are being questioned and an investigation is underway.

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Kristen Setera, a spokeswoman for the Boston branch of the FBI told the Associated Press in an email that an examination showed no problems of functionality of the train’s equipment.

The governor urged passengers and riders not to be concerned, saying this was an isolated incident.

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