Homeless Man Sleeping in Dumpster Miraculously Survives Truck Compactor

A homeless man sleeping in a Dumpster ends up in garbage truck, where the compacting cycle is run twice, and lives to tell about it.

He fell asleep in a garbage bin, but somehow he avoided sleeping with the fishes.

A California homeless man conked out in a Dumpster behind a family restaurant in Fremont, where unbeknownst to him, a big garbage truck rumbled up.

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The truck ate the bin contents, including the slumbering man, and the driver ran the compactor, which smashes the refuse to make room for more, authorities said.

The truck barreled on to its next stop, a Jack in the Box fast food joint, where another Dumpster was emptied and the compactor was run again, Bay Area News reported Wednesday.

The driver was on his way to a liquor store to upend another bin, when up popped the homeless man through an opening in the roof, police said.

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“He was very lucky to have survived the compaction and get out of the truck safely,” said Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques.

The man, who was not identified because of mental issues, is under a psychiatric hold at a hospital, police said.

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