Obama Streaker Did it for a Million Dollar Reward

INSIDE EDITION talks to the young man who was arrested for streaking at a political rally where President Obama was speaking, and hears how he feels about his stunt now.

An apology from the New Yorker who streaked in front of the President.

"Mr. Obama, basically, if you feel that I disrespected you in any way, I'm very sorry for that," said Juan Rodriguez.

He did it during a campaign stop in Philadelphia on Sunday and was arrested for public lewdness.

Now Juan Rodriguez is talking about his foolish behavior for the first time.

"I just ripped off my clothes, then I made my way away from the crowd, so no one would get hurt, just in case. I ran past the cameras away from everybody and then knelt down with my hands behind my head and waited for the cops to come," said Rodriguez.

"This was not some frat party! This was the President of the United States!" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd commented to Rodriguez.
"I don't see anything wrong with what I did. No one got hurt in the process. If nothing else, everyone had a good laugh at my own expense," said Rodriquez.

24-years-old and unemployed, Rodriguez says he is claiming a million dollar reward offered by wealthy internet entrepreneur Alki David to anyone who streaked in front of the President.

But now that businessman is saying "not so fast."

"We do not know if he was in eyesight or earshot of the President," said David.

Well, if Rodriquez gets nothing for his stupid stunt, at least he'll have the memory of becoming a national joke.

"By the time they get through with all the new taxes, he'll be naked and back on the street again! Hey-hey!" joked Jay Leno.

Rodriguez isn't out of trouble yet. He's also being interviewed by the secret service today.