6-Year-Old's Pants, Shoes Shredded After School Bus Drags Her For Nearly a Mile

After the incident in North Carolina, INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the potential dangers of school buses.

A six-year-old girl was dragged for nearly a mile in North Carolina when her arm got caught in her school bus door.

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The 78-year-old bus driver kept on driving, unaware of the crisis. Little Chelsea Klepzig’s pants, socks and sneakers were shredded as she was dragged along the street. Incredibly, she escaped with no injuries.

INSIDE EDITION has been investigating the problem and found at least 32 incidents, including two deaths, of kids dragged by their school buses in the past decade.

It happened to Keah Cuatle's six-year-old daughter Maddy, who was trapped when she got caught while getting off her school bus in Indianapolis.

“I could literally see her being dragged underneath the bus,” she said.

Some safety experts question the door designs. To open and close the doors, drivers turn to their left to press an electronic switch, which means they look away from the door.

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In addition, whereas elevator doors have built-in sensors to prevent riders trapping any limbs or belongings, this is not the case with many school buses.

The buses also can be very loud due to the amount of noisy children in the vehicle.

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