Friend Who Bought Weapons for San Bernardino Gunman Was Once a Local Hero

Enrique Marquez made local headlines earlier this year for saving a dog.

Newly discovered video of the shadowy man who bought the rifles used in the San Bernardino massacre has surfaced.

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Enrique Marquez was in the news last April, but as a hero who rescued a dog bitten by a rattlesnake when he and friends were hiking. He told KTLA that he ran for his car and got help for the pug named Dug. 

Marquez's wife Mariya, is Russian, as her sister, Tatiana. The sister is married to dead gunman Syed Farook'. The Russian sisters and other Farook family members have not been tied to the terror shootings.

Viviana Ramirez, a good friend of Marquez, told INSIDE EDITION she does not think he is a terrorist.
"No, I do not," she said.

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She spoke about his personality, saying: "First he was shy. Then, after he would get into a conversation he would laugh, make jokes, he would make fun of you. He was never violent."

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